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Ongoing Network Management and 24/7 NOC services

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Fidelis Networks

Fiber and Network Construction 

Fidelis Networks – Benefits of Fiber Optics

Faster Data Transfer and Greater Bandwidth

The fiber speed is extremely fast, way faster than the speed of sound.  The light that passes through fiber optic cables travel at a rate of 2/3 the speed of light (2/3 C). It does not mean that data transfer is at a rate of 2/3 C, although it is true that data transfer is the fastest with fiber optics. The speed of the cable determined the bandwidth potential of the fiber. Hence it is easy to understand that fiber optics have a bandwidth larger than metal wires.

Greater bandwidth means more information is carried by the cable. It can work up to 10 Gigabits per second and even more.

Low Attenuation Means More Efficiency

Attenuation, also called loss, is a natural tendency of losing signal as transmission travels over long distances. Compared to other cabling system, fiber optic cables have lower attenuation, meaning there is very low signal lost during transmission. With fiber optics, data can travel as much as 10 times further before requiring amplification. This means the distance limitation of fiber optics is longer as it can go up to 40 km while copper can only go for 100m.

Design: Thinner but More Reliable

As fiber optics cable uses light and not electrical signals, it is immune to electromagnetic interference that is commonly caused by storms , lightning, solar flares etc. The very being of fiber optics as glass material makes it immune to any interference caused by electric current and temperature fluctuation. This also means that they are not affected by weather and can be submerged underwater.

The material is also extremely durable considering it is lightweight and thin. It has 4.5 times more capacity than copper, and can hold as much as 10 times more pulling tension than copper.


The design of fiber optic cables makes it impossible for data to leak. The cladding, coating and outer jacket that covers the core ensures that light does not leak and thus no electromagnetic energy can be intercepted. Tapping the cable wouldn’t easily work as light can leak out that will result in detection following a system error.

Life Span

Fiber optics’ lifespan is longer than copper, as it does not weather and it is less expensive to maintain.

Smart City Design, Implementation & Management

Smart city solutions can improve basic services through automation and provide early insight into trends, so cities can respond to urgent needs quickly.

Effective Data-Driven Decision Making

Connecting every device through IoT allows cities to access information that’s never been available before. Combined with well-designed data analytics through AI gives city officials the ability to turn a massive amount of information into meaningful, actionable insights for decision making.

    Improved Infrastructure

    Smart city means a safer city with efficiency. Built-in technology for applications like license plate recognition, abnormal behavior detectors connected with crime centers for law enforcement. Besides, the parking and road with license plate recognition reduce the time waiting at the gate and toll station.

      Efficient Public Utilities

      Smart technologies provide cities with the tools to conserve and reduce inadvertent waste of water and electricity to reduce environmental footprint so that the limited supply of natural resources is not hindered. Smart sensors allow cities to quickly identify abnormal situations and fix the issue in a short period, reducing the amount of loss.

        Fidelis Networks

        Network Design & Implementation

        Network Design & Implementation

        Technology advances are enabling new applications and businesses that connect everything—people, devices, machines, and applications.   We are experts in the ever-changing landscape of enterprise network technologies.

        Designing Enterprise Networks

        As your partner, we will provide all the knowledge and skills to design and implement:

        • Enterprise Routing Protocols
        • L2/L3 Boundary
        • LAN / WAN
        • SD Access / SD WAN
        • API
        • Automation
          Implementing Enterprise Wireless Networks

          As your partner, we will provide all the knowledge and skills to design and implement:

          • Secure Wireless Network Infrastructure
          • Secure Wireless Client Connectivity
          • Wireless QoS Solutions
          • Advanced Wireless Capabilities and Network Services
          Implementing Automation for Enterprise Solutions

          As your partner, we will provide all the knowledge and skills to design and implement:

          • API Styles (REST/RPC) & Synchronous and Asynchronous API requests
          • Day-Zero Operations & Augment CLI Scripts
          • Workflows using Python, Ansible and Postman
          • Leverage tools and APIs to automate network services

          ISP Procurement & long term management

          Our experts can procure, install, manage and maintain all internet services with long term management offerings.

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          Fidelis Networks

          Managed Wireless Solutions

          Fidelis Networks – Wireless Solutions

          Wireless Access Points

          We are partnered with all Major Wireless Device Vendors

          Wireless Camera Surveillance

          We can procure, install, manage, maintain and monitor wireless surveillance devices to ensure your entire campus is secure.

          Wireless Security Solutions

          All transport media can be susceptible to compromise.  Our certified network security experts will ensure that your wireless infrastructure is maintained to current security standards. 

          Fidelis Networks

          Managed Firewall Solutions

          Fidelis Networks – Firewall Solutions

          Fidelis Networks Certified Expert Firewall Team can provide enterprise solutions to ensure up to date security specifications for your network.
          NextGen Firewall Solutions

          Our team will evaluate your needs and come up with a customized solution to meet your requirements.  We can procure, implement, manage and maintain all of your firewall needs.

          Network Based & Host Based Firewall Solutions

          Your network infrastructure creates all of the avenues your data will flow on.  Network based firewalls will endure data flowing on your network complies with your network security policy.  Once data makes an exit point off of the infrastructure and on to a device end point, your Network based Firewalls have no more control.  This is why you also need Host Based firewall solutions.  Let Fidelis Networks create a solution for you.

          Multi Vendor Support

          Fidelis Networks has Certified Experts to find a solution with any vendor you choose.

          • Palo Alto
          • Fortinet
          • Check Point
          • Barracuda
          • Cisco Systems
          • Juniper
          • Sophos

          Fidelis Networks

          Managed Security Services


          Monitor your business in real-time with our Security Operations Center

          Most businesses wanting to maximize their cyber security capabilities hire in-house security experts full-time. These individuals continuously monitor networks and hunt down threats; however, this option usually comes with a high price tag. The alternative is using an outsourced SOC, or Security Operations Center, at a fraction of the cost.

          A SOC is vital for understanding if your security has been breached, and can also help determine how the breach occurred. Without a SOC, it would be difficult to impossible to tell if you were under attack or had already been infiltrated.

          The security operations centre (SOC) collects data from across an organization’s IT infrastructure and decides how to respond. Workstations, servers, and other devices all send telemetry to the SOC, which must then make sense of it all and decide whether or not the event should be investigated. In the event of an incident, the SOC provides a rapid and effective response to help minimize the impact of any attack.

          With so many advanced threats these days, it’s more important than ever for organizations to have a central command post that can collect context from diverse sources, and act immediately.

          Fidelis Networks SOC team is responsible for detecting, responding to, and remediating critical cybersecurity incidents. Our arsenal of tools includes automated and manual methods, providing a redundant layer of action to effectively detect, investigate, contain, report on, and recover.

          We will help turn your business into a highly secure fortress by locking down the environment with 360-degree visibility across your infrastructure. Our team of experienced cyber professionals is here to help protect your systems and data with cutting-edge solutions and rapid response times.

          SOC Packaged Service

          Our team will evaluate your needs and come up with a customized solution to meet your requirements.  We can procure, implement, manage and maintain all of your firewall needs.

            Fidelis Networks

            Cyber Security Services


            To stay on top of potential vulnerabilities, you need an efficient and reliable process for assessing your security posture. This includes regular analysis, auditing as well as continuous monitoring of all systems and endpoints. By collecting detailed information on every asset connected to the network, we can help you build a comprehensive picture of all assets and risks.


            In the past, businesses would take a passive approach to cybersecurity protection with firewalls and anti-virus software. Today, however, companies must be far more proactive in hunting threats and managing incidents. To get the most comprehensive visibility and protection possible for your organization, you’ll need access to a SOC team as well as EDR tools.


            Some sectors require compliance with certain frameworks and standards. This involves data privacy rules (e.g. GDPR) as well as industry-specific standards (e.g. PCI DSS). Some certifications beneficial regardless of your industry. By adopting the Cyber Essentials recommendations, businesses can protect themselves from 80% of known cyber-security threats.

            Fidelis Networks

            Private Security Services

            Our team of extensively trained and licensed professionals offers a range of comprehensive security services, including armed and unarmed security guards, force protection, travel protection, and private security services. 

            Private Security Services with armed and unarmed security services options, delivered by our highly trained security guards. As a fully licensed and insured security company, we provide tailored security solutions to meet your unique needs.  

            All-encompassing private security service, including a wide range of options and services.  We provide thorough surveys, assessments, penetration tests, intelligence analysis, Red Teaming, Blue Teaming, and detailed incident reports. 

            Fidelis Networks

            Alarm Installation and Monitoring

            Provide responsive and reliable security services to many diversified industries. Whether permanent or temporary, we provide on-call fire watch services 24/7 for emergencies, shift coverage, construction, and more

            Conduct risk assessments which will be used to customize each individual client’s monitoring needs. If you’re looking to hire a company to monitor your business, school, home or property then we can help.

            Experienced in diverse industries, from private and public spaces, to construction sites and more. We work hard with business owners to minimize fines and over costs so that your business will be up and running without incident. 

            Fidelis Networks

            IoT Services Offerings Spotlight

            IoT automation solutions are doing more than just using machines to produce things. IoT automation also enables businesses to automate even mundane tasks that cause invisible inefficiencies.

            IoT solutions can improve customer facing systems by automating product delivery and service fulfillment. Certain customer service activities can be automated with the help of IoT systems. 

            The most well-known IoT automation solutions handle things like facility management—temperature, security systems, lighting, and other facility functions. However, IoT solutions can be used to do so much more.

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