The ability to communicate and access information securely without limitations to physical cabling and physical devices is available.  This technology offers you more effective productivity throughout your working environment. Wireless technology allows organizations to connect where physical cabling is impossible, impractical, or cost-prohibitive. Fidelis Networks offers customers the most comprehensive and cost effective solution for the design and deployment of wireless network infrastructures. The solutions offered will allow your environment to transport mission-critical data, voice, and video communications.

Cisco’s wireless networking products enable better patient care by providing clinicians with secure access to critical patient data, hospital services, and other caregivers—inside or outside of hospital walls.  Staff effectiveness and collaboration is improved by providing immediate access to prescription databases, recent test results, and patient medical histories.

Enhance the Patient and Caregiver Experience
Cisco knows that the workspace for today’s mobile caregivers can be anywhere—the point of care, a hospital corridor, or at home.  With a choice of mobile workstations, PDAs, or tablet PCs (all with secure interoperability), Cisco’s wireless networking products help ensure the right device for point-of-care access to critical applications and databases.

Cisco wireless networking products help you deliver a better patient experience by optimizing workflow, enhancing communications, and reducing costs.

• Wireless LAN Controllers
Aironet Access Points
Wireless Control System
Wireless Location Appliance
• Mobility Services Engine
°Context-Aware Software
Cisco Compatible Extensions Program

Benefits of Cisco Wireless Networking Products
• Mobile access to patient records results in better care for patients and a better work environment for caregivers
• Robust security features and simplified network management facilitate regulatory compliance
• Location-based tracking helps enable caregivers to spend less time searching for patients, colleagues, and equipment — and more time caring for patients
• Overall communication and collaboration between patients, caregivers, and hospital staff is enhanced
• Secure guest access for patients and visitors

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