For any communications infrastructure to deliver dependable business value—whether through data, voice, or video—it must provide that communication in a manner that ensures availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the communication. A truly secure infrastructure is implemented as an integrated system taking into account the aspects of resiliency, policies and procedures, user authentication and authorization, access control and filtering, intrusion detection and prevention, monitoring and alerting, data encryption, and so on. Toward this end, we offer our clients security related services including risk and vulnerability assessments, policy review and design, perimeter and critical-resource defense, secure remote access, device hardening solutions, management and monitoring, and critical response.

Network Security Assessments

The burden of researching, selecting and implementing network hardware and software to meet your company’s security needs should not fall on you alone. Our expert, trained and certified engineers assess your current network configuration and make sound responsible recommendations. If you need a security assessment for insurance purposes, we can assist you by working with your insurance underwriter and ensuring that your coverage is both adequate and comprehensive.

We will identify the security threats in your network and offer advice on future upgrades. We will also recommend the types of products that will work best with your existing setup.  Our experts will guide you through the installation and implementation process. We also provide you with product literature and documentation to help in your purchasing decisions.

Our “Fidelis Security Assessment” service provides the following benefits to our clients:

Evaluation of business equipment and existing systems
Identification of security threats and vulnerabilities
Prioritization and assessment of vulnerabilities and mitigation of risks
The following points of inspection can be customized at the client’s request:

Network security architecture and design
Servers, workstations, and other devices
Physical site, facilities & equipment
Custom applications & databases
Firewalls & existing security systems
Security policy coverage & enforceability
Technical support practices
Technical staffing


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